(FRAG)04: A House Unfolded3


(AHU)3: a visual reflection on Belgian house ownership:

(AHU)1: Helping Hand, the support without which the desire for house ownership can’t be realized.

(AHU)2: Küchenglück, a preserving jar to keep the dream come true well protected.

(AHU)3: Birds cage, the prison it may become.

(FRAG)05: Life on a (copper) plate


LOAP / Life On A Plane. Without loss of material, tranquil short stories emerge from a paper plate or copper plane. From a conversation at the table or the dance of life to the nocturnal hiker with dog. Fragile transformations of reality ultimately taking on a life of their own.

(FRAG)15: z33 unfolded


Z33 unfolded, a do it yourself fold-out package I developed for Z33, Hasselt. Digging into the project by Fransesca Torzo you can now build your own! Available at the shop, it contains two lasercut fold-out models and a leaflet pointing you to the instruction video.

(FRAG)05: LOAP @ päper shøp


Life on a Plane, visiting the pop-up päper shøp. Five A3 scenes cut from Steinbach to play and interact with using your imagination and smartphone light, inventing your own little stories.

(FRAG)13: 11 pla(ne)tes


LOAP / 11 pla(ne)tes was invited as ACT XIII @ www.smartlab.be. An in situ installation during the first covid-19 lockdown. 11 paper planets were live streamed, a mini planetary constellation, showing isolation, but also visible from through a looking glass. Jo Klaps composed a song as a soundtrack for the summarizing movie.

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