(Doc)00: Japanese Sketchbook


Each drawing creates a lasting memory.

Drawings of things and spaces that struck me while following love to Japan. 16 drawings with pentel MF50 in a Japanese flutter book. 26.5.2001 - 27.6.2001

(Doc)05: Making Spaces


Drawings of ateliers, kitchens, sheds, etcetera, in short: places where creative minds get lost in parallel realities to create something new. To study my fascination for spaces where ideas enter reality. To be continued.

(Doc)06: Red and Blue series


Red and blue drawings which started at a friends place in Ostend. Drawn on panoramic white paper bags found at the fruit and vegetable section of the local grocery store. Happenstance meditations to be continued at leisure.

(FRAG)07: drawn wishes


Drawn wishes consists of a series of 26 hand drawn postcards. The text is in my mother tongue Dutch, and is often playing with double or lateral meaning in between illustration and text, causing a smile for the sender as well as the receiver of the card.

(FRAG)10: Tree Meditations


Out of treelove, drawings of trees, in a ruled cahier, red felt-tip pen. An exact observation, trying to depict the tree in it's essence. An attempt to become a tree for the time during the drawing. To be continued.

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