(Sc)01: Biolace/ Texture


An elaborated scenography for the expo Biolace at Texture, Kortrijk (B). Question was to convert the treasure room into a confrontation of historic lace with textile growing ideas by professor Carole Collet. By introducing poplar multiplex into the show cases the heavy contrast between lace and black background was diminshed. Next to that it was an experiment in variations and alternatives to exhibit historic lace in combination with future projections for textile production. (in cooperation with studio Annamariacornelia for Texture, Kortrijk)

(Sc)02: nightwalks / forests, CCHA


Scenography and design of the expo, leaflet and graphics of 'nightwalks/forests' at Hasselt cultural centre, combining photography, a big book and a movie projection in a comprehensive exhibition concept._____(pdf)

(Sc)03: A+U, Z33


Scenography and execution of the expo 'Architecture Unfolded' at Z33, Hasselt. A very basic scenography, completely re-useable and from re-used materials. No glue, only needles, multiplex and some simple sticks combined with the existing windows and skirting boards of the '58 wing of Z33.