(FRAG)13: 11 pla(ne)tes


LOAP / 11 pla(ne)tes was invited as ACT XIII @ www.smartlab.be. An in situ installation during the first covid-19 lockdown. 11 paper planets were live streamed, a mini planetary constellation, showing isolation, but also visible from through a looking glass. Jo Klaps composed a song as a soundtrack for the summarizing movie.

(FRAG)14: time drawing / drawing time


{time drawing / drawing time} is a small installation: four clocks in total drive two pens and two turntables. Very slowly a mesmerising inverted red / blue dance elaborates drawings with a slightly annoying ticking soundtrack.

'Unfortunately, the clock is ticking, the hours are going by. The past increases, the future recedes. Possibilities decreasing, regrets mounting.' (Haruki Murakami, Dance, Dance, Dance)

(FRAG)06: a tale of care (onto the woods)


A tale of care (onto the woods) is a series of images printed on wood. Seven black and white images of a greenhouse are printed on wood saved by my babcia. The images are of a garden reminding me of her garden in old Texas, Genk (B). One of my first 'conscient' photographs shows that garden and is juxtaposed to these on a small vertical wood slat. 'Care' is what joins these, in taking care of leftovers and caring for life.

(FRAG)07: drawn wishes


Drawn wishes consists of a series of 26 hand drawn postcards. The text is in my mother tongue Dutch, and is often playing with double or lateral meaning in between illustration and text, causing a smile for the sender as well as the receiver of the card.

(FRAG)05: LOAP @ päper shøp


Life on a Plane, visiting the pop-up päper shøp. Five A3 scenes cut from Steinbach to play and interact with using your imagination and smartphone light, inventing your own little stories.

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