Iwert Bernakiewicz (Genk, 1970) grew up in the Belgian countryside and studied at Phai University College, Hasselt where he earned his masters degree in architecture in 1993. He worked over 10 years as a project architect at the office of Jo Coenen & Co architects in Maastricht & Amsterdam (NL) on projects ranging from the restoration of the Oranje Nassau Mining headquarters in Heerlen to the Amsterdam Public Library (OBA). Next to that he was involved in a multitude of international contests and in the design and (image) redaction of several publications and exhibitions for and about Jo Coenen & Co architects.

From 2004 on he worked as a teacher/researcher at the TUDelft (NL) and Hasselt University (B) in the domain of envisioning architecture (hand drawing/ photography/ graphic design/ form studies), architectural processes and in the master studio (reuse). At TUDelft he was also responsible for the image research and redaction of major publications on Gerrit Rietveld (Rietvelds Universe) and the New Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam by Cruz y Ortiz.

From early age on photography has been a passion and it has become an important autodidact tool in his architectural design process and research. This way his photography evolved and developed from within the discipline of architecture and the constant questioning of the built environment and human behavior. He actively uses photography as a research and documenting tool in his work with students at Hasselt University, faculty of arts and architecture and as an independent photographer reflecting visually on the (Belgian) built environment, architecture, architecture models and documenting handicraft skills.

Featured portfolios are organized in five domains:

(FRAG)# photographic stories questioning the built environment;

(AR)# architecture revisited;

(Sc)# scenography;

(Process)# process documentation in architectural education;

(Doc)# documentary work about travel, crafts, work visits, etcetera.

The portfolios show only a selection of images. For a full selection or discussion on his work please contact Iwert Bernakiewicz directly.


From july 2018 on in residence at 'Vonkateliers/ Godsheide'