(featured)02: COMMON GROUND/ fragile fragments


Summer 2023, Kunstenfestival_Watou_Arts Festival / What do a patch of woods and a shop recycling stuff and assorted memories have in common? More than we might think. Common ground / fragile fragments is a project about envisioning ‘the invisible’, about common ground, about what connects us all, artists, visitors, inhabitants of a small village and those who lived their last day there. A fractal-like fragment superimposed on a house showing fragile fragments of a village within the world.

(featured)01: SOLACE


A project by Iwert Bernakiewicz and Lennert Baerts / Solace is a limited cd bundle that includes Lennerts two new albums: "Channeling The Flood" and "Times Change And So Must We". Besides the two records it also contains a selection of artwork created by Iwert Bernakiewicz. It comes in two variatons, an edition of 64 numbered satchels and 32 numbered and signed handmade cardboard boxes.